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Since 1996 our Association promotes the Egyptian and mediterranean dance and culture.


Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2018



Technique and combination classes - Show - Contest


Leila is internationally recognised dance artist- teacher, performer and choreographer, based in Belgrade (Serbia), traveling around the globe to share her knowledge and passion for the art of oriental dance. She is one of the most in demand oriental dance artists of nowadays.


Ozgen, choreographer and performer from Turkey and UK resident, travels and teaches worldwide his innovative and orginal style, a mix of oriental, turkish and gypsy dances.


Jaylane Abd El, born in Alexandria (Egypt) and italian resident since more then thirdy years, is renowned as a great teacher and a performer for all aspects in dance and expression about the real egyptian style


Saturday 1st december


10.30 - 13.00


waltz fusion


13.30 – 16.00


listening, feeling, expressing


16.15 – 18.45


gyptian style and expressions



Oriental WOW! Show and Contest


Sunday 2nd december


10.30 - 13.00


romantic song


13.30 – 16.00


gipsy romani


16.15 – 18.45








Bella Hutter  -  C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 108 Torino


From railway station Torino Porta Susa:  5 minutes walking

By car: follow city center - parking in the street - Sunday free


Show e Contest:

Teatro Giulia di Barolo, Piazza santa Giulia, 2 Torino



Where to sleep

You can chops any hotel o B&B  Porta Susa o Center area


Where to eat during classes days

There are many coffee and restaurants in the dance school nearby: out of the school, on the left, you can find the “Corner Café”

Participation fees

FULL PACK (15 hours) 240€, after 15th october 260€

4 LEZIONI (10 hours) 180€, after 15th october 200€

3 LEZIONI (7,5 hours) 140€, after 15th october 160€

2 LEZIONI (5 hours) 100€, after 15th october 120€


Super early bird - full pack (15 hours) a 200€

only until 15th July


Fee payment:

  • Deposit: 60€ to be payed via bank transfer within 5 days of the date of seminar confirmation.
  • In case of cancellation of the classes reservation, the deposit is not refundable
  • Balance at check-in desk (cash or bank check)
  • If no payment is received by that time the reservation will be cancelled and the places made available to other participants.


Groups discount policy

  • 5 to 9 students: 5% discount on the total amount of the group.
  • 10 students or more: 10%  discount on the total amount of the group.


The group discount is valid only if the group registration will be sent in one email with all the group members names and one deposit (60€ for each member) via wire transfer.


Subscribe at Oriental WOW! 2018

Fill the following form


Registrations within 30/09/2018


The competition will take place on 1 December at 20.30  c/o Teatro Giulia di Barolo, piazza santa Giulia, 2 - Torino


The competition is for SOLISTS PRO  (max 10 partecipants), SOLISTS AMATEUR  (max 10 partecipants) and GROUPS (max 6 groups partecipants)


The jury: Ozgen Ozgec, Leila e Jaylane Abd El





  • FIRST PRIZE  Full pass Oriental Love 2019 in Belgrade
  • SECOND PRIZE  30% discount on Full pass or Half pass Oriental Passion 2019 in Athens



  • FIRST PRIZE  Monthly workshops 2018 – 2019 with Jaylane and Maya in Milan
  • SECOND PRIZE  Oriental WOW! 2019 – 2 classes



  • FIRST PRIZE  Khamsin Festival 2019 – 200€ discount to be shared among the group components
  • SECOND PRIZE  Esquisse d’Orient 2019 - 30% discount for each group component


To register for the competition you must be registered  at “Oriental Wow! 2018” event.


Participants should be more that 18 years old.
If you are less than 18 years old you can participate by sending a special request to our secretary with the authorization of their parents.

The competition is opened to male and female dancers.

Competition has a limited numbers of participants; all the registrations will be accepted in chronological orders of arrival (only  the date of arrival will be considered).
You have to fill and send the registration form with the performance music in MP3.

Competition entry fees have to be paid before 30 September 2018.
Registration form send without music will be considered incompleted; in case of music sent after 30 September 2018, registration will be cancelled.

Soloists and groups are required to perform coreographies in oriental or folklore style; music, dresses and movements have to respect the oriental dance.
Fusion with other style are allowed but for less than the 20 % of the performance.



  • Music: Maximun 3 minutes
  • Competition Fee: € 40,00



  • Music: Maximun 3,5 minutes
  • Troupes from 2 participants to up
  • Competition Fee: € 20,00 for each person.



  • Bring a CD at the competition with the only music of the performance, necessary just in case there will be some problems with the MP3 music.
  • Check the MP3 you sent: our staff will be available from 11.00 to 13.00 on December, the 1nd  for checking the music, the entry times and for any particular requests.
  • Stage: about 8 mt. width x  9 mt. length


All the performances will be judged by the ARTISTIC ASPECTS (musical interpretation, dress, expression) and the TECHINCAL ASPECTS (technique, choreography, coordination, synchronism for groups).

After the competition, the jury will choose the winners for the two  categories.
The final score will not be published, but you can ask for it directly to our staff.



- 1 points in case of late arrival (after the 2 call).

- 2 points in case of fusion with other style is more than 20% of the complete choreography.

- 2 points in case of music longer than 3 minutes for soloist and 3.30 for groups (in this case the organization will have to cut the music)


All the participants will receive a participation certificate.


Join ORIENTAL WOW! 2018 Contest

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